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Our Story

Understand where we come from and how we got into Marketing Management

Baltimore Hill Co. was founded by Dylan Jackson, a Portland State University college student who learned a more effective way to help small to medium sized business grow their profits. With a majority of our employees being between the ages of 19-28, nearly all of our Certified Research Specialists were born into the world of technology. With so many social media outlets these days, Dylan realized that the complexity of online advertising needed to  be simplified. Baltimore Hill is teeming with young visionaries who are fully certified in platforms like Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Web Design, and many more! Our main goal is to help your company grow and prosper by using the marketing avenues that are statistically most effective for YOUR business. We are experienced in marketing platforms such as online, print, radio, and even television!

Our Mission

Maintain peace of mind by always knowing exactly where your Marketing budget is going

We at Baltimore Hill Co. pride ourselves on providing full disclosure to our clients and of our methods in order to ensure the client is always in understanding of our strategy. Successful advertising is the result of communication and trust, and what makes our company stand alone is our care for the people behind the logos and office walls. The world is a very noisy place, and companies do not get much of a chance to be remembered. With that in mind, it is then very important to ensure that message you are advertising is crystal clear. Business who are struggling with brand awareness, or store traffic, or sales volume typically are lacking in an area that is quite obvious once it is identified. We like to think that the hardest part of successful marketing is eliminating wasted Ad-spend in area’s that aren’t creating a positive return. Our company mission is to make your company marketing strategy as efficient and profitable as possible.

Our value

See why we are the industry leading experts in modern day Internet Marketing

Our Research team constantly monitors even the smallest of industry market fluctuations in order to identify trends and leverage opportunities to increase return on investment, and increase profitability.  We are very experienced and know exactly what your business needs in order to get the maximum return on ad-spend. Many companies make the very crucial mistake of thinking that marketing is something that you pour money into, and hope that it works. Digital marketing with Baltimore Hill is quite the opposite of that; Here we do extensive research into your business and industries strengths to see where your company is STATISTICALLY more likely to convert into more calls, more sales, more brand awareness, etc…

Are Your PPC Campaigns Producing Results?

Here are a few of the must haves in order to have a successful PPC campaign:

Cost Per Click

Many factors go into lowering your CPC. We can discuss ways to help get this lower so that you are paying as little as possible for the maximum amount of traffic

Click Through Rate

Low CTR’s are the most common issues we see within campaigns, and this is due mainly to incorrect targeting, poorly written ad-copy, and ads that are irrelevant to the marketing objective

Quailty Score

Have trouble getting your quality score over a 5 or 6? We can explain why this may be happening to you and give you tips about our methods to increase it

Platforms we work on include

Orange Global has Internet Marketing specialists trained in all platforms

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