Lets take a look at an example of how a very popular retailer has put intent and context at the center of its marketing strategy and consumer experience to great success

Target did a customer survey and saw that 98% of its guest were shopping digitally at one place or another,  and that 75% their guests started on mobile but finished in-store. But in certain categories like “patio furniture”, its in-store and online marketing team were still operating separately, even though 1 of every 2 of their transactions were coming online through Target.com.  Target needed to adapt. They let go of their old marketing habits and really began looking at things from the modern days customers point of view.  Considering half of Targets patio sales were also coming through Target.com, they considered the possibility that guests may browsing on mobile devices during their spare time for certain patio furniture, and then go into their local store and actually see completely different choices. This consistently happens with business who don’t understand the importance of keeping the different shopping channels in-sync.

So Target merged its online and in-store marketing and merchandising teams into a unified approach that was mobile first. Mobile conversion tracking data would help decide what promotions to run and what signage to feature in-store. Target also began running Google Local Inventory Ads to show customers the exact patio furniture that was available in the store nearest them. As a result of the changes, Targets patio revenues dramatically increased along with the customer experience.

All in all, Understanding intent and context is vital for retailers, but it won’t be sustainable without an open mind and willingness to put in the work it takes to keep an online marketing strategy well-primed

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