Its imperative for retailers to understand while a lot of shopping happens on impulse, a majority of the time shoppers have careful planned and researched ideas for whatever item they want to purchase. A lot of thought goes into deciding on the perfect product or brand! In these “I-Need-Some-Ideas” moments shoppers are in the early stages of thinking about what they want or need; they’re looking for something to inspire them. And in these fragile and brief micro-moments, data shows that 60% of smartphone users are turning specifically to Google for these ideas*.

A majority of people are not brand committed in this initial micro-moment: In the fact 90% of smartphone users are not absolutely sure about what brand they want to buy when they begin shopping*. This presents a small but essential opportunity for businesses to step in a bring their brand into consideration. The question is, what makes your brand different from the rest?

If you want compete with top industry competitors, you need to be there not only when people search for your product or service, but also when they are searching for terms and topics related to your business.  In fact, 40% of the shopping searches on Google are for broad category queries like “bedroom furniture” or “affordable landscaping near me”. Therefore if you sell a wide variety of furniture, you should also be showing up when people search for “love seats”, “indoor lighting”, or “dining room table”.

Notably, Google has been tracking a steady rise in product related searches on Google images and YouTube, traditionally areas people would go to for inspiration and entertainment. With these channels being more geared toward a visual attraction, it gives us a exclusive insight as to what our advertising should be targeted at. With millions of shoppers scouring the catalogs of Google every hour, there is huge opportunity for brands who can embrace this new era of targeted digital marketing. It is very tough to be successful online by trial and error, Google Adwords management companies like Baltimore Hill Management Co. exist to make the process of capturing new customers and driving in more website traffic easy and fun.