Did you know nearly 60% of smart-device users now-a-days use the mobile platform as a “sous-chef” companion while cooking in the kitchen?

Lifestyle icon Williams-Sonoma has always been a very visual brand. It has a long history of beautiful lifestyle imagery throughout its catalogs to inspire its customers in all types of ways. But recently, the brand has had to re-think its strategy of connecting with it customers in an ever-changing modern world. The catalog still has its place, but mobile phones are increasingly becoming the go-to kitchen assistant (I mean, why not? When you have the an entire universe of cooking knowledge at your fingertips?) Williams-Sonoma has since adapted its shopping experience and now is in an environment where they can be more useful to their unique consumer needs. They now use things like more video content and visual shopping ad formats to aid and inspire their customers during the shopping experience.

As a result of figuring out that they just needed to provide a more visual context for helping their current customers during their shopping experience, instead of just focusing on bringing new consumers in, Williams-Sonoma has seen a 70% increase in mobile sales year-to-year, along with a 51% increase in overall eCommerce sales. Now that’s the power of good marketing!

Another example is Swarovski, an apparel company out of Wattens, Austria. Being in the right place for their shoppers for Swarovski at first meant advertising during seasonal events like Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, and Black Friday. But the fact of the matter is that recent search data from Google suggests great opportunity not only in the holidays, but in the everyday shopping moments we experience everyday, like when people are on the train ride home from work or when they are waiting in line for take-out. These moments are absolutely crucial to be effective in!

Swarovski did some research and discovered that 50% of its website traffic was coming on mobile devices, so the brand went to work and focused on developing mobile friendly content that was visual, inspirational, easy to navigate, and most importantly… easy to complete transactions on! The brand created a new program called “style finder”, which offers ideas on how to accessorize for different scenarios and allows for the consumer to “dial up” or “dial down” a look, depending on his/her mood. The was a terrific idea! And by doing this Swarovski has managed to grow its online sales by an astonishing 50% year over year, and on top of that their mobile sales has grown by more than 150% Now that is results!